We are happy to announce that a new cashback campaign has arrived!

From 1st June till 31st August all new investors will earn an additional 5 EUR cashback bonus for their first investment.

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New investors who will make their first investment on our platform will receive an additional 5 EUR cashback bonus.

1. Save time, energy and earn money

Use auto invest and become a passive investor - make your money work for you.

2. Secured real estate investments

Real estate investment objects are backed by collateral, providing additional safety for our investors.

3. Platform with a proven track record

More than 130 financed investment objects with a weighted average annual return of 14,35%.

How it works?


What do you have to do, to receive the cashback bonus?

It’s very simple – you have to make your first investment in the period 01.06.2022 – 31.08.2022 to qualify for the cashback.

How much will you receive?

You will receive a flat fee of 5 EUR cashback bonus for your first investment during the campaign time.

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Complete the registration process and start earning passive income with Bulkestate from secured real estate investment objects, starting from only 50 EUR.
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Our Team

Our Real Estate Analyst with 10-year experience at Ober-Haus Real Estate Advisors, largest real estate agency and valuation company in the Baltic region, allows us to carry out quality first-hand valuation of properties, as well as providing in depth analysis of the market.

Head of Legal with 15-year experience on both state institutions and business side of real estate market in Latvia, has a lot of in-depth knowledge, helping to assure smooth process of our deals at all stages.

Our real estate project managers cover property development projects including managing renovation works, sales process, communication with partners and buyers.

Our in-house designer provides technical plans, redesign and interior plans for the real estate projects.

The support staff combines the experience of different industries and ensures effective teamwork.

All members of our team bring their solid experience at real estate development at each respective stage.

Igors PuntussCEO

Unlike many other real estate crowdfunding platforms, we consider ourselves real estate company first, tech company second. We are actively involved in the projects on the platform and with our successful track record for co-investors, now have a growing pool of large investors who continue to invest with us year after year.

Our strategy is to keep focusing on undervalued distressed residential real estate, thoroughly selecting the projects with significant upside potential, suitable for short investment cycle of 12-18 months and attractive returns for our co-investors.

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